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1. What age group do you belong to?

Under 4040-4546-5051-5555+

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2. How many years until you would like to retire?

I am already retiredIn less than 5 yearsIn 5-10 yearsIn more than 10 years

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3. Have you lost track of any previous workplace or private pensions?


Step 4 of 16

4. When was the last time you reviewed your pensions?

In the last 3 monthsIn the last 12 months1-2 years ago2-3 years ago4+ years

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5. Do you know the pension charges and whether funds are well performing?

YesNoNot sure

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6. Are you confident that your fund will reach your expectations for retirement?

YesNoNot sure

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7. Do you understand the level of risk you are currently taking with your investment plans?

YesNoNot sure

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8. Are you taking full advantages of your annual pension allowance?

YesNoNot sure

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9. Are you drawing from all of your pension pots?


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10. Do you hold any final salary / defined benefit pensions?

YesNoNot Sure

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11. Was your employer a public body, local council or armed forces etc?


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12. Do you have other workplace or private pensions?


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13. Do you have a private pension that you still pay into?


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14. Please tell us your employment status.

Business OwnerSelf employedEmployedUnemployedOther

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15. What is the approximate value of your pension pots(s)?

£0-30k£30-80k£80-250kOver £250kNot sure

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